Making a difference in someone’s life is one of the greatest feelings you can ever experience

We are Tucson fitness instructors that know what it is like to teach a class and have that moment when a student tells you how amazing it was to be there. The student who tells you they didn’t want to workout today but are so happy they took the time to come to that class. The student who is so excited by what they have done, they tell their friends and want it to be a way of life. Those are the moments we live for and why we do this every day.

We are engineers by day and have a love and passion for teaching fitness as a second job. Life is always stressful. There are demands on us from family, friends, and work. Jen found her passion in fitness by trying to find an outlet to relieve stress due to work and schooling. She took a TurboKick class and was hooked. After taking numerous classes she realized she was a natural fit and wanted to try her hand teaching. Since then she has found a passion in teaching many different classes. Amanda found fitness when she needed a lifestyle change. Being overweight she needed to do something different. Working out and eating better became her way of life. As her lifestyle changed, she began feeling better about herself and wanting to help others feel the same. Six years ago she began to find a passion in encouraging and helping others through teaching Spinning classes and since then it has only continued to grow as she expanded her areas of expertise.

What to Expect...

...When You Come to Class

Barre, Piyo, & Mat Pilates:

Our classes do not require special equipment. We provide everything you need! These classes do not require shoes. No need to bring a mat either, we have plenty of really nice mats here for you! Now that you know we have you covered, are you ready to be Inspired!? Come find out!



Our bikes have clips that fit SPD shoes, but you can also wear normal, comfortable tennis shoes. Bring a water bottle and your game face! We provide specific towels because we know that things can get a little sweaty.

Most importantly, come to every class ready to get the best workout. We work hard to prepare classes that will challenge you but are easily modifiable. Eat a light snack about a half hour before class and come hydrated! Bring a water bottle with you (you can even fill it up here at our water bottle filling station) and be ready to get inspired!


…When You Need to Get Ready for the Rest of the Day

  • Fully stocked showers with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash
  • Towels and blow dryers to dry off
  • And just about everything else- deodorant, hair spray and gel, dry shampoo, hair ties, bobby pins, q-tips, lotion, and more!
  • We also have our very own line of Inspired Fitness clothing so you can show everyone your new favorite gym!

We would love for you to join us!

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