Viola Gant

ACE Certified Instructor

Specializations Mommy and Me ACE Certified Instructor I’m a Tucson native and UofA grad. My background is in early childhood education as well as teaching. I am an ACE certified group fitness instructor and fitness coach. I combined my love of kids, teaching, and fitness to create baby and me. Baby and me is all…

Jessica Honea


Being an avid cyclist and triathlete lead me to get my Spin Instructor certification. I use my outside experience to influence my classes, ensuring that each riders needs are met and that they feel accomplished at the end of our time together. I’m always growing as an instructor and cyclist so the harder my students…

Julie Daniel

Buti Yoga

Buti yoga brought me to my mat in July of 2018. They say that Buti yoga find you when you need it the most and I truly believe this to be true. When I stumbled on the ad for Buti I was in a pretty dark place. I remember feeling so lost; I was searching…

Kia Parks

AFFA Group Fitness Instructor
Autism Movement Therapy

My passion for health and fitness began after finishing my time as a professional cheerleader in the NFL for the San Diego Chargers. I always kept fitness a top priority, but in 2004, I was becoming a mother.  This lead me to take Yoga classes, eat better, and focus on my health like never before. …

Colin Mekenney

Hi, my name is Colin Mekenney. I’m currently the Marketing Intern for the summer. I run our social media, design graphics for our events, and develop marketing outreach opportunities. Fitness is a big part of my life, I rock climb as much as I can, and I love a good yoga class. Staying active makes me feel great, and I’m a big fan of exercising with friends. Group fitness is the way to go.

Lugien Alyousfi

Buti Yoga

After experiencing back pain as the result of multiple car accidents, I finally found yoga and the cure to the pain. Yoga has not only been helpful to my body, but has really allowed me to connect with myself. Loving all styles of movement, I fell in love when I found Buti Yoga. Buti has…

Amanda Boysun

ACE Certified Fitness Instructor
PMA® -Certified Pilates Teacher
Certified Spinning ® Instructor
Barre Above

My love of Spinning® began years ago when I needed a push on my cardio. I have been teaching indoor cycling for 7 years now and it is one of my favorite classes to teach. Four years ago I expanded my teaching to include group strength and conditioning classes and bootcamps. Around that same time…

Jen Dahar

TurboKick Live
Piyo Live
Insanity Live
P90X Live
Barre Above
ACE Group Fitness Instructor

I found my passion for fitness when I was in graduate school. I was super stressed and decided to try out a TurboKick class. I was immediately hooked and started taking every TurboKick class I could find! About a year into taking classes, I decided I should get certified to teach. Now, I thought I…

Joanna Dinan

Barre Above
Group Fitness Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer
TRX Level 1 and 2

10 years ago I started taking Pilates classes and strength training as a way to tone and shape up. When I was younger I had studied ballet for several years so the Pilates movements designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles felt familiar. After a few months I felt so much stronger I started taking every…

Joseph Acevedo-Mora

Spinning instructor
Piyo Live
Yoga fit level 1
AFAA group fitness instructor

Specializations Spinning instructor Piyo Live RYT-200 AFAA group fitness instructor AFAA personal trainer My love of fitness began when a co-worker invited me to an early morning spin class. Before then I was never brave enough to enter a group fitness class of any sort. That single first class changed my entire life! I was…