10 years ago I started taking Pilates classes and strength training as a way to tone and shape up. When I was younger I had studied ballet for several years so the Pilates movements designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles felt familiar. After a few months I felt so much stronger I started taking every class I could fit into my schedule, including bootcamp, HIIT and TRX classes. High energy classes, strength training and Pilates classes were a perfect combination for me. Eventually I started teaching classes as I took classes in exercise science and acquired various certifications. I love teaching group exercise classes. When students tell me they are stronger, have more energy and feel so much better about themselves it is more rewarding than I could have imagined. One thing I always remind my students is that it took me a year to be able to do one full push up and now I can do 50 in a minute, so consistency and hard work do pay off. Small changes bring big rewards. In my spare time I compete in body building and fitness competitions, study for a Pilates Reformer certification course I am taking and spend time with my family.