Amanda Boysun

ACE Certified Fitness Instructor
PMA® -Certified Pilates Teacher
Certified Spinning ® Instructor
Barre Above

My love of Spinning® began years ago when I needed a push on my cardio. I have been teaching indoor cycling for 7 years now and it is one of my favorite classes to teach. Four years ago I expanded my teaching to include group strength and conditioning classes and bootcamps. Around that same time…

Jen Dahar

TurboKick Live
Piyo Live
Insanity Live
P90X Live
Barre Above

I found my passion for fitness when I was in graduate school. I was super stressed and decided to try out a TurboKick class. I was immediately hooked and started taking every TurboKick class I could find! About a year into taking classes, I decided I should get certified to teach. Now, I thought I…